Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Why I should not be left unspervised

I chatted with Verizon support yesterday

here are the results

My name is Adrian, how may I assist you?
 Anthony: Hello, this being Anthony
 Adrian: Hello Anthony!
 Adrian: How can I help?

 Anthony: i am trying to figure out best plan for me and Kate
 Anthony: we would both like to have mobile hot spot
 Anthony: limit of 1500 messages
 Anthony: 700 minutes
 Anthony: shared
 Anthony: but when I do shared plans, the cost goes up and no hot spots
 Anthony: i am being confused
 Anthony: hello
 Anthony: dis being anthony

 Adrian: Okay, Anthony, I'd love to help out.
 Anthony: wow
 Adrian: Please allow me a moment to access your account.
 Anthony: i was just hoping you would be happy to help
 Anthony: loving is better

 Adrian: For security purposes, may I please have your billing password?  Your billing password is up to 5 characters long.
 Anthony: how do I know you work for verizon?
 Anthony: is this a spam phishing thing?
Adrian: No, definitely not. You contacted us, Anthony.
 Anthony: seems suspicious
 Adrian: I would need your password in order to look into your account.
 Anthony: I would like to confirm your identity
 Anthony: who is the mayor of North Dakota?
 Anthony: Adrian?
 Anthony: if that is your real name.....
 Anthony: ?
 Anthony: Adrian?
 Anthony: or should I say, comrade?
 Anthony: I put on my Robe and Wizard hat
 Anthony: Come on commie, tell me. Who is the Mayor?
 Anthony: any real American knows that
 Anthony: OK, that's it. I cast level 1000000 penis of the mighty on myself

 Adrian: Anthony, is there anything I can help you regarding your account?
 Anthony: tell me
 Anthony: who is the mayor
 Anthony: I don't trust you
 Anthony: is this a Nigerian scam?

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