Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Farkle 500 (725) is in the books!

OK, so this one is made up.

Kate and I had a rare weekend, which had nothing planned.  No rallies, no shooting, no boat, no work, nada.

Twisted Throttle was having their open house scheduled for Saturday.  Cool.  Less than 200 miles from home and good opportunity to go look at some gear.  Looking into this further, it appeared that White Horse Gear was having their open house the same day.  Some people lamented this, so TT offered some free swag to anyone who went to both Open Houses.  The Farkle 500 is born!

White Horse is 350 miles from our home.  It is also about 210 miles from Twisted Throttle.  Open house started at 8:30 at WH and ran until 4PM at TT.  So we had to get to WH in time to do some shopping, and leave ourselves time to get to TT.

WH is about a 6 hour ride.  From there to TT is about another 4.  So we decided on an arrival time at WH of 10AM, spend 30 minutes and then off to TT for a 2:30 arrival.  To do this, we planned on leaving home at 4AM.  Key word here is "planned".

We left at 4:30 and took a leisurely pace up to WH.  Typical New England drivers had us going 5 under the limit for the last 70 miles or so.  End result was us showing up at WH around 11:30.

We spent about 30 minutes shopping and met with some friends.  We then got on our bikes and headed down to Twisted Throttle.

Got to TT at 3:40, with 20 minutes to spare.  550 Miles of riding.  We won the long distance riders awards and got interviewed and earned $25 gift cards, which was cool.

Spent some money at TT and then headed home.  got home around 8, having covered 725 miles.

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