2014 Team Lyle Garden State Rally

Important Dates and Information

Registration Opens

Registration Ends

Electronic Files and Rally Book Distributed

Rally Begins

List of riders can be found here

Rally HQ is 60 Readington Road, Branchburg, NJ.

Riders meeting is 8:30 AM, HQ opens at 8:00 AM.

This ride is a Team Strange event and all entry fees go to Eddie's Road.

 Eddie's Road

Eddie’s Road is a program of The Eddie James Foundation for Children. Founded in memory of Eddie James the focus of our non-profit foundation is to stop the cycle of abuse through proper education, mentoring, counseling and activities that encourage children to reach their full potential without the influences of violence, addiction or neglect.

We work directly with national organizations and regional group homes to create programs directed specifically to coaching/mentoring children between the ages of 14-18 as they face the challenges of moving into adulthood and independence from the child welfare system.

Weird NJ

TLGSR is going to be an 8 hour mini rally again this year.  The theme is Weird NJ.

We had a great turn out last year and a lot of fun.  We learned a few lessons and will make sure this year is more fun, and easier for the newer riders.

If you have never done a LD Rally before, it is a scavenger hunt, on bikes.

Team Lyle Garden State Rally is a charity motorcycle event. It is an 8 hour scavenger hunt, on motorcycles, all within the borders of NJ, The Garden State!
Date September 27th, 9 AM to 5 PM
Donation $30 per rider

Free food at the beginning and end!

This is a charity motorcycle Scavenger hunt, also known as a rally. The concept is simple. On the day of the rally, all riders will meet in Branchburg, NJ.

Each rider will be given a book with bonus locations. Each bonus location is worth some amount of points. You have 8 hours to ride to as many bonus locations as possible, and either take a picture or answer a question and get back to the starting point.  There is no set route.  Each rider is free to choose which bonuses they want to pursue and how many.  There is not a minimum nor maximum number of bonuses you can collect.

This is not a race, your mileage will be checked and there is a 500 mile cap on mileage to make sure there is no unwarranted speeding.  Again, this is a cap, not a minimum nor are you expected to ride this far in a given day.  Many rallies have been won by people riding the least miles, but riding to a lot of bonus points and being efficient!
All riding will be within the state of NJ. All bonuses are related to the theme of "Wright and Wrong".

Some people will ride less than 100 miles and some will ride right up to the limit and everything in between.

Every participant will receive a Mascot (This mascot must be in all pictures.) 

All you need to participate is a motorcycle and the willingness to have fun. The only extras you will need are a camera (cell phone camera is OK) a pen or two and some place to put them (backpack, tank bag, saddle bag). This is not a long distance rally. There is no minimum mileage, only a max.

Important Links
Following are links that may or may not be useful to you.  These links are intended to help guide new riders to be successful in their rally.
These links proved invaluable to helping get us ready for our first rally.  We still use many of these tips in our current rally planning.  We highly recommend reading all three lessons.

These links are to documents prepared by Brian R, an IBA veteran.

For those of you who do not have a Google account, here is a link to the Iron Butt forum where the PDFs are presented in HTML format.
One of our riders was generous enough to get the PDF files and post them to his website.  There are also other useful links there.
The Iron Butt Association is the be all end all of Long Distance riding and Rallies.
Their Archives of Wisdom are a must read.

For those of you who have never done a rally before, we wanted to present a primer.
Here is an example of how bonuses (bonii) will be presented in the rally book, this is a real location, but not one that will be used in our rally.
Bonus Name: Bells Farm
Bonus information: Bell Farm Antiques was built and established in 1988 by the owners, Rex & Judy Lambert as an antique group shop featuring two floors of country antiques, art, silver, toys, furniture, china, early glass and Victoriana.
Bonus Location: 244 US Route 1 York, Maine 03909
Latitude: 43.143755
Longitude: -70.684748
Point Value: 1,500 Points
Task:  Take a photo of the street sign for this establishment
This location was used in the 2012 MinuteMan rally.  The details are ficticious.  Following is the bonus picture I took to claim this bonus.
These pictures were accepted as proof of my being at the location.  There are several key parts to these pictures that will be expected of any photos submitted for bonus claims.
  1. The bonus requirement is met.  In this case it is to take a picture of the street sign
  2. The Rally towel is in the picture and the number is clearly visible.
  3. This is helpful, but not required:  The time and date are stamped on the picture.  If you can set your camera to do this, it helps in scoring.  It is not required, however.
When I claimed this bonus, I also had to put down my bike's mileage when I reached the bonus and the time I was at the bonus.  When it comes to time, you should be consistent.  Either use AM and PM or use military time.  Since we are having an 8 hour rally, date does not matter.

All of our bonuses will have the street address and the Latitude and Longitude listed.

Not all bonuses are photo bonuses.  There are many that just require you to go to a location and write down an answer to a question regarding an historical marker for example.

Here is an example of this type of bonus:
Bonus Name: Saddle River Reformed Church and Cemetery (Marker)
Bonus information:
Known as The Old Stone Church It has been ministering to this area since 1784. The present structure of native stone was completed in 1819. Buried here are:
The Rev. Stephen Goetschius minister 1819-1835
The Rev. Dr. Isaac Van Kampen minister 1893-1935
And many Revolutionary and Civil war veterans Bonus Location:

484 E Saddle River Rd

Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458
Latitude: 41.070406
Longitude: -74.086561
Point Value: 1,200 Points
Task: Who erected this Marker?
To Claim the bonus:
Answer: Bergen Country Historical Society (This information is on the marker)
Enter your odometer
Enter time of bonus claim

Yes, you could just go to Google and probably figure this out, but cheating at a charity rally is pretty poor form.  In addition, we will be checking your mileage and time vs claimed bonuses and reconstructing your ride based on your bonuses. 

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