2014 Christmas Story Ride

OK, here we go:

The house from Christmas Story has been turned into a museum.  The interior shots of the house form the movie were shot on sound stages etc.  The house used for exterior shots was not used.


A person took it upon themselves to buy the house and turn it into a museum dedicated to the awesome movie, A Christmas Story.

The interior of the house now matches the movie.

This ride starts anywhere and ends up at the Christmas Story Museum on 11/22 (Date is tentative right now) at noon.

The idea is for people to ride in, take the museum tour and go grab some grub.  We are trying to get a chinese restaurant together to pay homage to the Christmas Dinner Ralphie and family had.

Totally informal thing, no certs or rally or anything.

You can register here:

If we can get some people together, we will establish "official" departure locations.

As of now, our house, near Easton PA will be one of those locations.

More detail to follow.  Please feel free to comment with questions, etc.

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