2014 Team Lyle Garden State Rules

These are the rules.

Big one is this:
NO CHEATING.  If I even sniff cheating, you are done.

These are the Team Strange Uniform Rules.

Some apply, some don't.


1. Must be currently registered and have a valid motorcycle license plate in place. Proof of registration will be required. WARNING: If for any reason, you change your license plate during the rally (or lose it), you must contact the Rallymasters before collecting additional bonuses. Failure to so advise the Rallymasters may result in the imposition of penalties up to and including disqualification without refund.
2. Must be insured.  For events other than ButtLite, riders must carry insurance/proof of insurance as required by the laws of the state in which their motorcycle is registered.  ButtLite riders must carry liability coverage of at least $100,000 per person/$300,000 per accident (U.S.) ButtLite riders must present proof of insurance and liability limits, in the form of an original Proof of Insurance Card from your insurance company or the Declarations Sheet of the policy itself.
3. Minnesota 1000 riders are strongly encouraged to avoid excessive exhaust noise. Although no formal noise testing will be conducted, riders are reminded that the rally depends on good relations with the neighborhoods that host our event. Riders are referred to the provisions in these rules regarding rider conduct. The ButtLite shall follow the current Ironbutt Association rules with respect to Motorcycle Noise Standards.  Motorcycles with OEM exhaust systems containing original baffles and packing will be exempt from testing.  All other systems will be tested in the same manner and using the same equipment as set forth in Ironbutt rules.  Systems testing in excess of 105 dBA on the SAE stationary test (50% of max rated RPM, 20" from the tailpipe) are prohibited.
4. Rider holds a valid driver’s license, with valid motorcycle endorsement.
5. Helmet use required.
6. Signed acknowledgements of risk/releases, as required by the Rallymasters.
7. For the ButtLite: signed agreement to allow us to impound your motorcycle at the end of the rally for up to twelve (12) hours to determine whether all requirements have been met.
8. TeamStrange events are designed to be a test of rider and machine. Swapping motorcycles during the rally will cause the competitor to lose ten thousand (10,000) points.
9. If you wish to collect bonus points, your odometer must remain functional. If it fails, you may no longer collect bonus points until it is repaired. Documentation of the failure and repair will be required.
10. Motorcycle must comply with all applicable Federal and State requirements.
11. Failure to complete check in procedures (including but not limited to mileage check, tech inspection, and completion of rally paperwork) prior to established deadlines will result in a DNS (did not start) for the rider, and will be deemed a withdrawal from the event. In such event, no refund of entry fees will be made.
12. Motorcycle must arrive at all checkpoints and/or finish under its own power. Example: Your motorcycle breaks down 30 miles from the checkpoint or finish line. You and your motorcycle are transported to the checkpoint/finish line by means other than your motorcycle. You must return to the point of breakdown, then ride to the checkpoint/finish line.
1.  An auxiliary fuel system is not required.
2.  In the event a fuel log is required, motorcycles carrying less than seven U.S. gallons of fuel may be awarded bonus points for maintaining the log, even if no such log is kept during the rally. Riders will be advised in advance of the rally regarding fuel log requirements, if any.
3. Auxiliary fuel systems must conform as follows:
A. Container construction must adhere to one of the following types:
(1) Metal containers are allowed, however, the paper-thin metal containers designed for outboard marine applications are not acceptable nor are plastic fuel tanks taken from snowmobiles.
(2) NASCAR, IHRA and NHRA fuel cells are acceptable (approval/certification of the sanctioning body must be stamped on the cell)
(3) Champion, Fuelsafe, Harwood Industries, JAZ Products, Summit Racing Equipment, Tulsa Enterprises, Major Engineering, James/Haugen and Reno BMW cells are acceptable.
(4) Primary (main) fuel tank expansion is allowed, however, such expansion must be made of compatible materials and gauge (thickness) of the main tank. For example, adding a large plastic expansion to your motorcycle's main aluminum tank is not allowed.
B. Auxiliary tank must be mounted in a secure manner, no movement allowed, no bungee or shock cord allowed. USE OF GAS CANS/CONTAINERS IS PROHIBITED. Our intention is to allow the use of a safe, permanently mounted fuel cell, or safe main tank expansion. The use of gas cans, bottles or carriers is not allowed.
C. Fuel lines routed to preclude interference with the operation of the motorcycle.
D. Electric fuel pump, if used, must be properly wired and fused.
E. The fuel tank must be properly vented for pressure buildup and overflow.
F. Overall capacity is limited to eleven and one-half (11.5) U.S. gallons. Sidecar entries may carry fifteen and one-half (15.5) U.S. gallons. USE OF GAS CANS/CONTAINERS IS PROHIBITED.
H.  Touratech's R1100 G/S tank is deemed to have a volume of 10.33 gallons, as long as the standard BMW fill pipe has not been removed, shortened, or modified.
I. Fuel capacity may be measured at any time as deemed necessary by the Rallymasters.
J. Minnesota 1000 riders running with auxiliary fuel shall be assigned to the Expert class, unless otherwise directed by the Rallymasters.
1. Riders are expected to act in a sportsman-like fashion at all times during the rally.
A. Any attempt at cheating, even to the degree that you do not understand the rules, can result in penalties up to immediate disqualification.
B. Riders shall not accept or receive assistance from other persons in planning their route or obtaining bonus locations.
C. In order to claim points for a bonus location, Riders must first have actually traveled to that location. Often, questions are used to verify a rider's presence at a specified location. In order to earn points, Riders must both travel to the specified location and correctly answer the question. Riders are expected to travel to the exact location specified in the bonus instructions.
D. Bonus points must be claimed. Unclaimed points shall not be awarded. Once your route sheet is submitted for scoring, you may not claim bonuses. Example: a bonus requires you to note the name of the river crossing Hwy. A at mile marker 103. You mentally note the name of the river but forget to write it down on your route sheet. Halfway through the scoring of your route sheet, you remember your error. Because you did not record the answer on your route sheet, you did not claim the bonus, and will not be awarded the points.
E. During the event, riders may not travel with persons not entered in the event. Example: your brother may not ride his motorcycle with you on the rally, unless he is also entered in the rally. Example: your friend may not follow you in his car while you run the rally.
F. Rules regarding rider conduct apply to conduct prior to the start of the rally, during the rally and after the rally has ended without time limit. Should we find several years later about any acts compromising the rally, we reserve the right to change rally results and remove your name from all records relating to your finishing position including all published stories about the Rally within our control.
G. Riders will be held accountable and responsible for the actions of persons associated with the rider (i.e. sponsors, pit crew, etc.) even if those persons are not participating in the Rally. A violation of these rules by a person or group associated with a rider will be treated the same as if the rider personally violated the rules.
H. Wheelies, burnouts, "rev-tuning" and other similar conduct by a rider or a guest of a rider will result in immediate disqualification of the rider and guest(s) from any and all TeamStrange events.
I. Riders may obtain private and/or corporate sponsorship. Sponsorship shall be disclosed to the Rallymasters in advance of the event. The Rallymasters reserve the right to disallow sponsorships that provide an unfair competitive advantage to the sponsored rider. This decision is at the sole discretion of the Rallymasters.
1. Failure to render aid to a participant or the public under emergency or life threatening conditions.
2. Violation of any of the Rules set forth herein.
3. TeamStrange events are rallies, not races. Excessive speeding will not be tolerated. RIDERS WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FOR RECKLESS RIDING OR EXCESSIVE SPEED.
4 Acts that discredit TeamStrange including but not limited to damaging motel rooms, non-payment of repair or motel bills, and acts that result in negative publicity or image for the rally, such as littering at bonus locations and checkpoints.
5. Acts that endanger the general public, spectators or participants.
6. Discourtesy to check point workers, staff, sponsors or other participants. Please remember that the Rally staff is composed entirely of volunteers.
7. Excessive citations or gross misconduct.
8. Defacing, damaging or otherwise tampering with any rally-related item, including but not limited to removing a road sign or altering any identification related item, such as a rider’s identification towel..
9 Carrying more than the specified limit of gasoline at any time during the rally.
10. Having someone pick-up or otherwise help obtain a bonus except as specifically provided for by the Rallymasters.  This includes but is not limited to obtaining a bonus for another rider, or allowing another rider to claim a bonus for you.  Example:  Riders A and B travel together to a bonus location.  On arrival, Rider B stays on her motorcycle while A carries Rider B's rally flag to the actual.   Rider A then photographs both her flag and that of Rider B.  Both riders are subject to disqualification.
11. Failing to timely notify the Rallymasters of your inability to make the finish line/checkpoint on time.

1. In the event that riders are provided with lists of bonus locations, riders will be advised as to the number of pages comprising each bonus list. It is the rider’s responsibility to insure that he has all pages of the bonus list before leaving the checkpoint. Riders are advised to inquire about any last minute changes or corrections to bonus lists.
2. The bonus list will contain areas for riders to note information about specific bonuses listed. The bonus list, therefore, becomes each rider’s record of places visited, and points earned. Riders will only be provided with one copy of the bonus list. Do not lose your paperwork. Lost paperwork will not be replaced.
3. Bonus sheets are considered the property of TeamStrange, and will not be returned to riders after submission for scoring. Retention, copying or distribution of bonus lists without the express permission of the Rallymasters will subject the Rider to penalties up to and including disqualification.
4. Occasionally, riders may be asked to verify their presence at a bonus location by photographing the location and/or purchasing an item at the location. These photographs and/or items will be turned in to the Rallymasters at the time each leg is scored, and become the property of TeamStrange. These items will not be returned to you. If you want one for yourself, buy two. ButtLite riders should expect photo bonuses. On other events, we will advise in advance whether photo bonuses may be available.
5. Riders may be offered a "layover" bonus. Such a bonus would require a rider to remain in a specified location for a specified period of time. Unless otherwise directed by the Rallymaster, riders must verify their layover by credit card purchase receipt. The same credit card must be used to verify start and end times. The location of the start and end of the layover may not be separated by more than one mile.
6. TeamStrange rallies are not a "pure" scavenger hunts. Example: The bonus requires you to obtain a gaming chip from Las Vegas. The clear intention of the bonus is for the rider to travel to Las Vegas and purchase the chip. Do not stop at a gas station on I-15 and ask customers if they have such a chip. This is considered cheating and you will be disqualified, without a refund.
7. If there are time or date restrictions on a bonus, it is YOUR responsibility to insure that the time on the receipt you obtain for proof is correct and within the guidelines given. (Unless the bonus listing says otherwise, we will allow a reasonable variance [5 minutes in most cases] with the time).
8.Always make sure that the each receipt is readable.
9. All receipts that are submitted as a bonus item must contain the DATE, TIME, and LOCATION. In addition, all gas reciepts must show GALLONS PURCHASED.
10. Photo Bonuses/Rally Towels (where allowed by the Rallymasters)

A. Some bonuses will be designated Photo Bonuses. In order to earn points for a photo bonus, riders must take a photograph depicting the bonus along with their rally towel (unless specifically directed otherwise by the Rallymasters).
B. We strongly recommend the use of a Polaroid camera for documenting photo bonuses. While ordinary print film cameras are not prohibited under these rules, it is unlikely riders will have time to arrange for film processing during the rally. The Rallymasters will not assume responsibility for processing of print film. Digital cameras are prohibited.
C.  Every rider will be issued a rally towel at the start of the rally. Each towel will be unique to the rider to whom it is issued. Lost towels will not be replaced. In the event a rider loses his rally towel, the rider may still collect photo bonuses if the rider’s face clearly appears in the photograph along with the bonus item. Once this alternate method of collecting photo bonuses is used, the rider may not return to using his rally towel to document photo bonuses.
D. Minnesota 1000 riders in the two-up class must insure that the two-up class passenger appears in every photo. If a bonus states "you must appear in the photo" then both rider and passenger must appear in the photo. Note these requirements are in addition to those set forth at Rule IV (10) (A).
E.  Rally towels are not to be disturbed, picked up, or otherwise tampered with if encountered on the course. If you come across another rider’s towel, leave it alone. The other rider might be on his way back to pick it up, and he might be a bit upset to find it no longer there when he arrives. Disturbing a Rally towel shall result in penalties under Rule IV (2)(G).
F.  Unless specifically stated to the contrary in the bonus instructions, the rider’s rally towel, including the number imprinted on the towel must be clearly visible in the photograph.
11. Digital Camera Usage

In events that allow usage of digital photos, the following rules shall apply to riders choosing to submit digital photos for scoring:

A. All photos submitted must be on a digital camera storage card. TeamStrange utilizes card readers capable of reading the following formats & types of storage cards: CompactFlash (CF), SmartMedia, xD, Memory Stick (MS), SecureDigital (SD), MultiMedia (MMC).

B. Rider cameras and computers will not be connected to TeamStrange computers or other equipment at any time during the scoring process.

C. Camera storage cards may be of any size memory the rider wishes.
Multiple cards may be submitted if necessary due to card memory size or photo volume.

D. All digital photos submitted must be of a size between 1024x768 and 640x480 pixels.

E. All digital photos are to be imprinted with a date & time stamp.
The photo date & time stamp is to be set to the time zone of the rally start location for the entire rally.
For purposes of this rule, "imprinted" means visually embedded into the image, contained in EXIF metadata, or reflected in a DOS date & time stamp.

F. Riders will have the opportunity during the event check-in process to test their camera storage cards on TeamStrange equipment to ensure proper operation.

G. Riders will be allowed to submit one photo for each bonus claimed.
No other photos for that bonus will be considered.

H. Camera storage cards submitted are treated the same as any other photos submitted on the rally and become the property of TeamStrange.

I. Events will have two scoring procedures—Polaroid and digital. Riders must decide which photo format they wish to use for the scoring process.
Use of multiple photo types (i.e. digital & Polaroid) on the same route sheet will not be accepted.

J. TeamStrange accepts no responsibility for photo storage cards that are lost, damaged, or in any way unusable. In the event that photos can not be obtained from the riders’ photo storage card during the scoring process, riders will be tentatively scored a zero for unsubstantiated photo bonuses claimed on that leg. When time allows, a reasonable number of attempts will be made to obtain information off of the riders submitted photo storage card. If the judges deem the card to be unusable, the rider will receive zero points for all unverified photos.

K. All digital photos submitted for scoring shall be in the format as originally recorded by the camera, with no post-processing, editing, manipulation, alteration, cropping, resizing, or enhancement applied.

L. TeamStrange reserves the right to use submitted photos in future promotion of events or in any other ways it sees fit.
12. ButtLite Checkpoints.
A. Riders may arrive at a checkpoint prior to the time the checkpoint opens without penalty. The Rallymasters will be available at each checkpoint at least two hours before it opens. Riders are encouraged to arrive early for check in, to avoid the imposition of penalty points.
B. Riders who arrive during the time a checkpoint is open may be assessed penalty points, as indicated on the route sheets applicable to that checkpoint.
C. Riders who arrive after the checkpoint closes are considered time barred at that checkpoint, and will forfeit all points earned on that leg. Time barred riders may still participate in the Rally, but will not be permitted to collect any bonus points on the next leg.
D. Riders arriving time barred at two checkpoints will be considered withdrawn from the event.
E. Riders shall notify the Rallymasters if they expect to arrive late, or do not expect to arrive at a checkpoint. Riders will be provided with contact information for the Rallymasters. Failure to contact the Rallymasters will result in disqualification from this and all future Team Strange events.
13. General Guidelines Regarding Bonuses
A. Before leaving on your route, insure that the physical location description of each bonus matches your map (i.e. is Chicago really near Interstate 90 in Northeast Illinois?) If it does not, ask the Rallymasters for help. We do not intend to play cute tricks on you. If you cannot find each bonus on a map (or the city from which detailed instructions are given), either we made a mistake or you are doing something wrong.
B. When choosing which bonuses to go for, DON'T FORGET TO ALLOW TIME to REST and SLEEP. Remember that every bonus, even a gas stop, takes time. Don't forget to add in a minimum of ten minutes for every bonus - no matter how simple it may appear.
C. If you get to a bonus destination IN THE TIME FRAME SPECIFIED and it is unavailable (i.e. closed, burnt down, moved etc.), do your best to obtain a replacement item. For example, if you are told to buy a Pepsi at Joe’s Café and Joe is out of Pepsi, buy a Coke. If the bonus instructs you to have breakfast at Joe's Cafe and Joe's burned down last week, go to another restaurant in the same town. If there are no other restaurants in town, get a gas receipt from the nearest gas station or some sort of business receipt from the same town. If these options are not available locally, ride to the nearest town and get a receipt. Document your attempts to comply with the bonus instructions, and advise the Rallymasters of your efforts. Caution: make sure that every effort is made to comply with bonus instructions before resorting to alternate proof. If you are the only rider who couldn’t locate Joe’s, you won’t get the points.
 D. In order to receive points for a bonus, riders will have to successfully complete all instructions listed for the bonus. Our rallies reward reading comprehension. If a bonus tells you to obtain a gas receipt from Fargo, but you submit a photo of the Fargo city limits sign, you will not get the points. Similarly, if you are required to get both the receipt and the photo, just one of the two will be insufficient. You must claim the bonus in order to receive points for it.
E. Don't forget to account for the weather when planning your route! Should you reject a ride across the hot desert in favor of bonuses located in the mountains, you will be responsible should bad weather move in and block your path.
F. During the rally, you might see displayed a map depicting the bonus locations. The map is for spectators. You may look at it, but the real intent of the map is to give spectators an idea of where riders may go. Don't make the map your riding plan - it is purely a promotional item for the checkpoint for the enjoyment of spectators and we do not guarantee its accuracy.
G. Although we have several people visit each bonus location prior to the start of the rally, there are going to be things that will happen that are out of our control. Where possible, the rally will make adjustments as needed. For example, if you choose to ride to Bryce Canyon National Park to get the bonus located at the southern tip of the park and the only access road to the bonus is closed due to construction, you may go to the "Road Closed" sign and take a picture, record that the road was closed on the bonus sheet and you will receive credit for the bonus. However, where multiple paved access roads exist, you will be responsible to ride around to the other entrances. For example, if the bonus instructs to pick up a souvenir at Badlands National Park, there are three access roads into the park. Should one be blocked for any reason, it is your responsibility to try the others taking a picture at each road-closed sign.
H. No latitude is given for bad weather. This is part of the planning process you must figure out. Example: if you choose to bypass the heat of the desert for a cooler mountain ride and then the main roads are closed due to snow, we will not make adjustments, you will need to figure out a different approach. Likewise, the person headed to the desert only has himself to blame for having to suffer through the intense heat.
I. No allowance is given for road conditions, including but not limited to road construction, traffic delays of any kind, law enforcement activities, traffic at bonuses and rally locations.
J. When route directions are given, please consider them ADVISORY! While much care has been taken to insure their accuracy, we cannot guarantee them. Please remember that these directions are included to save you time searching for hard-to-find bonus places. We may have mis-typed a direction or turn. Please use common sense.
1. No persons other than the Rallymasters shall have the authority to change or alter these rules.  Riders are advised that checkpoint workers, scorers, and other rally volunteers do not have the power to grant exemptions or variances to these rules.
2. Directions and instructions provided by the Rallymasters at a pre-rally Riders Meeting supersede these written rules for that event.
3. All disputes under these rules shall be resolved by the Rallymasters, whose decision shall be FINAL.
4. Riders may withdraw from the rally at any time for any reason. Riders withdrawing from the rally shall not be entitled to any refund of entry fee.
5. Riders shall report to the Rallymasters any rules violations of which they becomes aware.  Riders shall cooperate with any investigation by the Rallymasters into suspected rules violations.
6. Riders may elect to use transponder devices to allow friends and family to be aware of their location during an event. The Rallymasters may use publicly posted data from transponder use to insure compliance with these rules, including but not limited to Rule J(3).

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