Wednesday, May 15, 2013

5,000 miles and $2,000 for a Cure

So Long Haul Paul Pelland challenged we, the LD riders, to go out there and ride 5,000 miles in 50 days. As an added bonus, we were challenged to help raise money for a cure for MS. Being the giving and competitive guy I am, I jumped right on it. I set a personal goal of raising $2,000 and riding 6,000 miles. I have accomplished one of those, having ridden 6,150 6200 miles so far and looking to break 7,000 in the next 5 4 days. As of right this second, I am at $1705 $1915 $2,037 (I really want to get over $2,500) raised for the Cure.

Here is a map of my riding over the past 40 days:

 That big loop going west, then south, then back to NJ was accomplished in 3 days and accounted for ~2,600 miles.

So I am asking, as a friend, acquaintance, enemy, or indifferent observer, can you help me break my $2,000 goal?

Here is where you can donate, and any amount is appreciated.

Here are the bike miles.

Consuela Miles                                                                               Captain USA Miles


 So far

 Consuella is actually at 36,635 right now.

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