Monday, June 17, 2013

God, I am SUCH a child!

I may be 42, but I am not a grown up.

Sunday, Kate and I went for a nice leisurely ride.  We went up to High Point State Park.  The name, while not overly creative, is accurate, as it is the highest point in the state of New Jersey.

After arriving at the park, we went for the "scenic" drive, .6 miles, instead of the "direct" drive, .5 miles, to the monument.

While meandering down this long and winding road, I noticed a trail to the right, with a sign that said "observation deck".  Hmmmmmm.  Looks like a walking trail, but no signs about not taking vehicles.  I have my GS.  How bad could it be?

Well, after this slight incline with a little dirt and rocks, it became a 3' wide tree lined boulder strewn, bike eating, what the heck were you thinking, trail.

And I promptly got stuck.  Tree to my right, death giving cliff to my left.  I IMMEDIATELY regretted this decision, which, BTW falls under the "poor choice" category, NOT the "bad idea" category.

So I am stuck, trying to figure out how to back my 700 lbs behemoth out of this situation, and almost drop her about 5 times in the 6 inches I managed to move.  Luckily for me, 3 large men happened by.  Even more luckily for me, they were neither inmates nor cast members from Deliverance!  They very kindly offered to help, and with some grunting and groaning, we managed to wrestle Captain USA to a spot where I could get him turned around.

Naturally, Kate was extremely helpful in documenting the whole procedure.

The rest of the day went fairly uneventfully.  So naturally, I had to do something more, um, dumb, today.

Today is "Ride your Bike to Work Day", which came as a surprise to me, since I though that was most days during the year.  But apparently there is an official day.

ANYWAY, Revzilla is hosting a contest.  The contest is to put up a picture of you "dominating" your work.  Challenge Accepted!

So add one 42 year old child, a Rallye GS, a giant American Flag, a forklift and a 6 foot pallet and what do you get?

Idiocy.  AND  Domination.

I am such a child.


  1. Throw some Kenda BigBlocks on there and give it a second try! =]

    1. I need to put some "learn how to ride off road" in my head first.